Our competence shall make a difference!

Beredskap.no! offer Security-, Risk-, Emergency preparedness- and QHSE Management services based on competence after more then 25 years experience from both national and international work and projects within these business areas.

Specialized deliveries
As your supplier of specialized products and services, we can deliver products and services developed by our company or autority products depending on your business area, profession and requirements. All though our products are specialized, it is important for us to contribute to and help our customers to achieve ownership to own responsibility areas.

Business areas
Our services are most often used within supply chains as the oil and gas- or the maritime industry, for example supply bases, port and port facilities and a wide specter of suppliers and companies. We will happily extend our footprint and provide services to new customeres knowing that our competence can make a difference in all businesses.

Course supplier
Beredskap.no! arrange different types of courses either as internal courses within a company or especially adapted curses for the customer, or open courses available for individual registration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information - we will appreciate and follow-up any request to us!

We shall always deliver what we promise, and do what we say!